Sex should never be a topic to shy away from. It’s actually quite healthy! Here is why your health comes into play with your sex drive.⁣
Don’t feel the desire to get intimate with your partner? Feeling sluggish, tired and not confident within yourself? This could be a sign to start putting your health as a priority!⁣
Not looking after your inner and outer health can have a massive take on your sex drive & although sex is fun and all if you are “just not feeling it” it won’t be on top of your priority list to do. Loss of libido can be caused by many factors such as anxiety, stress, hormone changes, nutrition, exercise, attraction, self talk etc.⁣


1. Move your body everyday! Exercising for even 30 minutes a day can increase your confidence.⁣

2. Fuel your body with whole foods - Nutrition plays a massive role in our overall health and mindset. Fruits and vegetables will provide your body with your vitamins and minerals. Carbs, protein and fats will provide you with energy, calories, oils and amino acids. These are all so vital for your body to function properly. Although we are big believers in treating yourself to soul foods you MUST provide your body with whole foods first.⁣

3. Increase your water intake - Your body needs water to be able to well stay alive! So you can see why this is important. The recommended daily amount is 1L every 25kg of your body weight.⁣

4. Positive self talk - when your confidence is flowing your sexual desires will increase. What we recommend to our clients is to say a positive affirmation each day to help you increase positivity within yourself!⁣

5. Relax and focus on your sleep - Staying calm and reducing stress can help a lot! making sure we are getting enough sleep is important! Yoga, meditation, reading or journaling are some great ways to help relax.⁣

6. Surrounding ourselves with positive people - Yes this is an amazing way to help build confidence! People who bring your energy up with increase that confidence within you that you can then bring home to your partner!⁣

We hope these tips and insights can help you bring your libido back to a high and to understand what your body needs to continue to work on your health goals!
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