By attending Susi Collective PTY LTD upon reopening I understand that I will have a part to play. I will be kind, patient, understanding and empathetic to all staff members & fellow gym attendees. I understand that safety is a priority and everyone’s responsibility.

By attending Susi Collective PTY LTD, you acknowledge and agree to follow the guidelines below. Please be aware that these guidelines are subject to change based on advice/updates we receive from authorities.

Health & Safety – By attending ‘Susi Collective PTY LTD’ I confirm I do not have any symptoms related to and have not knowingly been exposed to COVID-19. If this status changes, I agree to not visit the facility.

Social Distancing – I agree to keep 1.5m between myself and other members while in the facility.

Cleanliness – I agree to disinfect ALL equipment after use, and will not enter closed off areas. I agree to keep my hands washed/sanitised while in the facility. I will bring a clean towel with me to all workouts and place it between myself and the equipment in use.

Check in – I agree that I will scan in with the service NSW QR code reader every time I attend the facility. Participants are not to enter until an instructor is present.

Equipment use – I will limit myself to using ONE piece of machinery at a time. I will place my towel between myself and the equipment while in use, and disinfect all touch points after use.

Vulnerable/High risk – If I am vulnerable to a serious COVID 19 infection, before attending Susi Collective PTY LTD, I will discuss with my doctor about my intentions of returning to physical exercise indoors. I understand that the onus is on me, the member, to determine my capacity to safely resume fitness activities and attendance at fitness facilities. (For those with respiratory issues, it’s important that you are also aware that the use of aerosol cleaning products will be used by both staff and members in our facility.)